Guidelines for Highly Effective Professional Networking

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do at Founders Marketing Concepts. Networking has helped fuel many of our most successful initiatives. Learning to build and maintain relationships can empower anyone to achieve his or her goals. If you want to master this skill, try applying the following guidelines:

• Follow Up: Whenever you meet someone, whether for the first time or just the most recent time, follow up. Touching base is important to maintaining relationships. Following up after a meeting is a great way to stay in touch and also show that you appreciate the person.

• Be Clear: Clarity of what you are offering is essential in the business world. It is central to all Founders Marketing Concepts’ campaigns. In networking, being clear about what makes you unique and interesting will help get others excited about knowing you.

• Get Focused: When meeting new people, have an idea of who you want to meet and why. This focus will enable you to get much more out of your networking efforts. It will save time and increase your impact.

• Share Value: Don’t let relationships be one-sided. Offer assistance to others and clearly ask for what you want. This mutually valuable dynamic will keep the connections healthy and productive. Better yet, offering help will draw others to want to network with you.

These guidelines fuel successful networking. Follow Founders Marketing Concepts on Facebook to learn more about forming professional relationships.