Success Is Measured by What We Can Give

Philanthropy is a Founders Marketing Concepts value, and we support worthy causes throughout the year. When we’re not acquiring customers for our national service partners, we’re spearheading fundraisers or making a positive difference in some other tangible way to show our support to the neighborhoods in which we have been so successful.

“Money is important, but there are other ways to measure achievement,” shared Andrew, President of Founders Marketing Concepts. “I think that how much we give is as important as how much we have. In fact, this is a common view shared by all our team members, and I’m very proud to be part of a group that takes social responsibility so seriously. Our commitment to charity is a trait that sets us apart from the competition.”

There are many reasons that we get involved in goodwill efforts. Here are a few:

• Making a Difference: The most basic – and still the most important – reason to support a worthy cause is because we believe in the change it will make.

• Meet Like-minded People: When we’re helping out at a food bank or a 5K, we always meet interesting people, many of whom make great professional contacts.

• Learn New Skills: We’re devoted lifelong learners, so the prospect of being able to try something new as part of a volunteer effort excites us.

These are just a few of the many reasons we enthusiastically get involved in charitable events. Check out our Founders Marketing Concepts Twitter feed to learn more about our giveback efforts.