What to Do to Be Considered Promotable

When new people join Founders Marketing Concepts, one of the points that impresses them is our advancement policy. From day one, they begin to form the foundation for a solid career path with us. We believe that promotions are vital to our company’s structure and ethical practices, so we provide associates with opportunities for professional and personal development. In turn, they have more incentives to work to the best of their abilities. Andrew, our President, shares what practices highly motivated people might apply to go further in their own careers:

• Take Opportunities to Learn: “Whether it’s something offered by the company or an opportunity outside of work, if it’s something we can learn from, we should seize it,” Andrew declared. “At Founders Marketing Concepts, we invest in our people’s long-term growth through ongoing education in-house, at conferences and events, and elsewhere. Learning is a lifelong adventure that fuels our abilities to move up the ladder.”

• Stretch Comfort Zone: “We have to be brave if we want to advance,” Andrew remarked. “This means trying new skills and challenges and being willing to make mistakes from which we can learn.”

• Volunteer for More Work: “People on a career fast track get there because they’re willing to raise their hands and show they’re ready for more responsibilities that come with the next level,” Andrew added. “This is what leaders do.”

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